Specimen weight: 943.4 grams

Thuathe, This meteorite fell on July 21, 2002 in Lesotho and is classified as an H4/5 chondrite. This is the first meteorite known from that small country. On Sunday 21 July at approximately 1:49 pm, a loud thundering explosion shook almost every town in Lesotho, and was also heard and felt in South Africa. Over 1000 stones rained down on the Thuathe Plateau and in many villages in the surrounding valley. I heard of this fall at the Tucson show in February 2003, and went immediately to Lesotho. Eric Olson and I arrived in Lesotho on 22 February and recovered almost 1 kilo in the first hour in the Village of Ha Ralimo. Over the next 4 days we bought many stones from the villagers.