Iron, Finest octahedrite (IIICD)

Specimen weight: 322.3 grams, complete slice etched on one side.

ASU Collection  #.    This meteorite was purchased by CU Shepherd, truly the first serious meteorite collector in the United States. ASU acquired much of his collection and this was one of the masses. So this Tazewell specimen has great provenance. I exchanged two thick, rough cut slices from ASU and had them split into four complete slices, and re-finished.

This very rare and beautiful iron was found in Claiborne County, Tennessee in 1853. A single mass weighing 27.2 kilograms was plowed up on a farm 10 miles west of Tazewell. This meteorite is a Finest octahedrite, easily seen in the Widmanstatten pattern with bandwidth of only 0.045 mm!

This close-up photo shows just how fine the crystals are in this etch pattern!
Another view, a little further out, showing the incredible micro-etch on this meteorite.