Specimen weights: 1,653/151 grams

Complete crusted stones. This L6 meteorite fell on April 15, 1986 at 6:50 pm in Hubei Province, China. A shower of 12 stones fell with a total weight of 70 kilograms. These two stones were found the day of the fall and kept in China until I bought one in May of 2003 and the larger stone, in May, 2008.

1,653 gram complete Suizhou stone. I recently bought this from China, where it was acquired from the landowner, who picked it up the day it fell. It has been in a box in their home for the last 22 years! This piece still has dirt imbedded in the meteorite from impact on the ground. It is highly regmaglypted, and one side has light secondary fusion crust frosting showing that it broke very late in flight.
Another view of the 1.6 kilogram Suizhou stone. Note the clear flow in the fusion crust, showing that this piece was fairly stable in flight, with the left side being the nose and material melting and flowing backwards toward the right side of the stone.
This side shows few regmaglypts and imbedded soil from impact.
151 gram complete stone.