Rancho Gomelia

Iron, Medium octahedrite (IIIAB)

Specimen weight: 143.3 grams

This specimen is a complete slice, from the Nininger collection, and exchanged out of the ASU meteorite collection,  specimen #1044.4.

The Rancho Gomelia meteorite was found in Durango, Mexico, in 1975. Two masses were found weighing a total of 15.65 kilograms. Both meteorites were purchased by Nininger and acquired later by ASU. Very little of this meteorite is outside the ASU meteorite collection.


 This piece measures 110 mm by 45 mm by ~6 mm (tapered cut) and is polished and etched on both sides. ASU specimen #1044.4 painted on one edge.

This photo shows the reverse side.

This close-uup photo shows the fantastic etch pattern and sulfides in this meteorite.
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