The Murray meteorite fell on September 20, 1950 at  1:30 am in Calloway County, Kentucky. A shower of stones fell, with a total known weight of ~12.6 kilograms.

Murray is classified as a carbonaceous chondrite, (CM2). It has been very highly studied worldwide and is a very important meteorite.


  Specimen weight: 10.346 gram fragment. #1769-84 from the United States National Museum, (Smithsonian) collection. I got an entire bag of fragments, sample #1769-84 which was 48.49 grams total, this is the largest piece which I kept in my private collection. The sample was weathered, so it was certainly picked up later than the freshest pieces, or it was stored improperly.

Close-up of museum numbers painted on the fusion crust.

Actual label from Smithsonian collection. It is for the entire sample, #84. I kept only the largest piece.