MODOC (1905)

Specimen weight: 263.3 grams

Complete stone with some chips

The Modoc (1905) meteorite fell in Scott County, Kansas on September 2, 1905 at 9:30 pm. A shower of 20 stones fell. Modoc is a chondrite (L6).

This specimen is from the Center for Meteorite Studies Collection at ASU in Tempe, Arizona, and is an original Nininger piece, Specimen #81b.  This piece can be found listed under that number in the "Nininger Collection of Meteorites" book. It is from two great collections with label and numbers on the stone to prove great provenance.

I got this piece in a museum exchange directly with ASU some years ago. I sold it in 2005 then in 2010 got it back to grace my collection once again. It will not likely leave now that I have it back.













This is the original label from the Center for Meteorite Studies collection, Tempe Arizona.

It was a Nininger Collection piece and they kept his numbering system in the collection for all of his pieces.

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