The Johnstown meteorite fell in Weld County, Colorado on July 6, 1924 at 16:20 hrs. A shower of stones fell, 27 were found with a total weight of 40 kilograms. Johnstown is a Diogenite, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It is in my top 10 favorite meteorites list, near the top in fact. I love the yellow-green crystals and rich black fusion crust. You can always recognize Johnstown with even the most cursory glance, it is that distinct.  It is a very difficult meteorite to get specimens of, and I was very pleased to acquire such a fine specimen from one of the world's great collections.


  Specimen weights: 16.96 and 15.58 gram partial slices. Both were cut from #125. which is a Nininger number.

Close-up photos of the 14 gram piece with rich fusion crust.

Close-up photo showing the nice matrix of pyroxene crystals on the 16 gram specimen. The red spots are oxidized metal.

Close-up photo showing the incredible fusion crust.

Actual labels from Arizona State University Collection.