Complete pallasite specimen, 686.3 grams  120mm x 71mm x 35mm.



Specimen weights: 686.3/615.7/87.2/21.45/11.10/8.94/0.80/0/.70 gram pieces

Individuals (small ones all found by myself) and slice.

This Pallasite was found in Canoncito, Santa Fe County, New Mexico.  In 1884 a prospector found several large masses of this beautiful pallasite. Some pieces are almost entirely metal, others rich in olivine. Most pieces are small, from less than a gram up. Many pieces still show flow lines and traces of black fusion crust.

Complete pallasite specimen with incredible regmaglypts and two olivine crystals,  615.7 grams  110mm x 52mm x 45mm.

Complete pallasite slice,  87.2 grams  95mm x 90mm x 3mm.

Complete individual, all found by me. One pallasite and the others are small irons. These 5 pieces represent over 20 days of combined searching in the strewn field! Glorieta Mountain is truly one of the most difficult meteorites to find.

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