The Chergach meteorite fell in Mali, near the Algeria border in July, 2007. A large fireball was seen and thousands of stones pelted the desert. It is classified as a chondrite (H5). It is an impact-melt breccia, as many pieces are totally comprised of melt and shock veins. At least 100 kilograms of meteorites have been recovered from this fall.

This is my gorgeous complete stone, 691 grams still showing dirt imbedded in the nose where it slammed into the ground.
690 gram complete individual, showing soil on the nose which penetrated the ground on impact. Note the rough form on the stone, it was clearly a later break which did not smooth out, covered in thick secondary crust.
690 gram stone, backside showing the well formed primary crust and smooth regmaglypts, in contrast to the bumpy angular secondary breaks visible on the other sides of the stone.
This photo shows 122 complete tiny Chergach meteorites. Many of them, less than .25 gram are perfectly flight oriented! These tiny stones are amazing, all recovered pristine, without ever being rained on.
This is a perfectly flight-oriented individual, showing the amazing rollover lip and bubbles in the fusion crust. The piece weighs 18.52 grams.