Specimen weight: 571 grams

This specimen is from the Unites States National Museum of Natural History Collection (Smithsonian) and is museum #838.  I recently acquired this piece in a large exchange I completed with the museum. I had the entire piece refinished, so it now weighs less than the original 586 grams listed on the label.

This beautiful iron was found in Sonora, Mexico in 1923. A mass of ~1000 pounds was found on the Alamo ranch 40 miles west of Carbo. This meteorite is an iron, medium Octahedrite (IID).


 This piece measures 105 mm by 60 mm by 14 mm. The etch on Carbo is one of my favorites, a very sharp, well-formed pattern.

This close-up photo shows the original museum numbers painted on the meteorite piece.

This photo shows a close-up of the Carbo etch pattern. It is fantastic.

Original Smithsonian label for this specimen.
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