Calico Rock


Specimen weight: 35.78 grams

This specimen has provenance of the Ron Oriti Meteorie Collection. He was a famous meteorite collector and his collection was auctioned off in April, 2008. I bought the Calico Rock and divided it up.

This rare iron was found in Izard County, Arkansas, in 1938 and Mr. Oriti helped to identify it as a meteorite as well as purchasing the entire mass. A single piece weighing only 7,275 grams was found.

 This meteorite is an iron, Hexahedrite (IIAB).

This meteorite is virtually absent from private collections.


 This piece measures 50 mm by 38 mm by 3 mm. The photo shows incredibly sharp Neumann lines.

The lines are named after Franz Ernst Neumann, who discovered them in 1848.8

Photo of the reverse side, again showing fantastic Neumann lines as an etch pattern.