Specimen weight: 133.8 grams

Nininger Collection/(ASU)  #705b

Stone, Chondrite (L6)

This beautiful meteorite fell in Alberta, Canada, on March 4, 1960 at 8:06 am. A massive fireball was followed by a large shower of stones on a farm. Over 300 kilograms of pieces were recovered. Virtually all of this meteorite is in large museum and university collections. I have been trying for years to get a complete Bruderheim stone, and finally that task is complete.

The provenance of this stone is impeccable, with documentation in the Nininger Collection catalog and ASU catalogs.


I recently completed a large exchange with the Arizona State University meteorite collection (ASU).

Fresh complete stone, with #705b (Nininger #) and ASU glass specimen jar and label.
Here you can just how pristine this stone is, clearly recovered in the first days, as it shows no sign of weathering. The white strip in the right side was a piece of tape with "Bruderheim" written on it. This fell off. I will not replace it.

Another view of the reverse side, showing well-formed primary fusion crust.

Original ASU label for this specimen.