Ash Creek


Fell February 15, 2009 at ~11:00 am

Hill/McLennan Counties, Texas

Chondrite (L6) brecciated

I found all of these pieces in more than 30 days hunting in the strewnfield. For the entire story, refer to my adventure page about Ash Creek here:  ASH CREEK ADVENTURE

Specimen weights in my collection.


Total 339.62 grams and 14 stones.

I traded or donated 6 of the stones I found..


#3 stone I found on 20 February, 2009. N314819.8 W0970033.2 17.24 grams. 
Another photo of stone #3, showing close-up of flawless fusion crust undamaged by rainfall.

Ash Creek #4 45,75 grams with large metal blobs and grass embedded in the fusion crust.

Ash Creek #8, my largest find on 24 February 2009, 68.83 grams.

Ash Creek #13,  50.16 grams.

Ash Creek #11,  24.25 grams.