Front face, etched to show Widmanstatten pattern which is beautiful in Albin.


Specimen weight: 151.59 gram partslice:  (235 mm x 90 mm x 2mm)

The Albin meteorite was found in Laramie County, Wyoming in 1915. Two masses have been found, total known weight of ~60 kilograms.

Albin is a beautiful pallasite with large angular green to yellow olivine crystals. They are often smaller and the pieces must be cut thin to show translucency.

I got this piece in an exchange with the ASU Center for Meteorite Studies in Tempe Arizona. This is cut from the main mass, the original 1915 mass Nininger/ASU #314.1.

Museum label for this slice.


Backside photo of the slice, this side is polished to mirror finish.


Close-up photo showing detail of the incredible olivine crystals and nice etch pattern in the metal portions of the Albin meteorite.


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