Specimen weight: 36.04 grams

Cut from Field Museum of Chicago Collection  #ME 2474

Stone, Enstatite Chondrite (EH) impact-melt breccia

This beautiful meteorite fell in Alberta, Canada, on June 9, 1953 at 11:05 pm. After a large fireball, a single stone weighing 107 kilograms was recovered from a large impact hole. Abee is in my opinion, one of the most beautiful meteorites that ever fell, amazing blue color and in larger pieces, the brecciation is stunning. The only other fall that equals the beauty of Abee is Portales Valley. It is very high in sulfur and smells like firecrackers. Abee has been under intense study since it fell, and much science has been gained from this meteorite.

The provenance of this stone is impeccable, with documentation in the Field Museum, one of the largest meteorite collections in the world.

Thick partial slice showing great brecciation, rare for such a small piece of Abee. 32 mm x 24 mm x 12 mm.
Photo of reverse, showing nice clasts in the matrix.

Photo of the edge, this is a thick cut piece, so even the edge shows nice brecciation.

Entire specimen with 1cm scale cube.