This rare ungrouped primitive Achondrite is enstatite rich. This meteorite was found Zamosc County, Poland in September if 1998. It could have fallen on April 21st, 1897 as a large fireball appeared in the area where this meteorite was found, and the weathering level is consistent with that time of exposure.

To scientists, this meteorite is absolutely fascinating. It is unlike any meteorite except on from Antarctica (QUE 97289). It is achondritic but similar to the Enstatite chondrites. It is now thought to be some sort of intermediate primitive achondrite classed between the E-chondrites and the Aubrites.  This is a very special meteorite, one that may start a new class. I  know the finder, a very nice man who saw the meteorite beside a road and recognized it as something special. He was right!


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