Zacatecas (1969)

Iron, Medium octahedrite (IIIAB). The Zacatecas(1969) meteorite was found before 1969, but was recognized in that year as a meteorite. A single mass of 6.66 kilograms was purchased, but later, another mass was found in the same area and is chemically identical. This mass was used as an anvil for many years and was deformed by that use. The mass was bought by a dealer a few years ago and I bought a few pieces.

This meteorite is re-crystallized, with no clear Widmanstatten pattern in these pieces. The full slices has remnant medium octahedrite crystals which had been deformed.

This photo shows the remnant etch pattern in the highly-altered meteorite!


Zacatecas (1969) 1: 113 gram partslice. SOLD

Zacatecas (1969) 2: 79 gram partslice. SOLD

Zacatecas (1969) 3: 77 gram partslice. $385.00

Zacatecas (1969) 4: 105.9 gram partslice. $530.00

Zacatecas (1969) 5: 59.4 gram partslice. SOLD

Zacatecas (1969) 6: 83.1 gram partslice. $415.00