This beautiful meteorite is a rare class called a Mesosiderite. Vaca Muerta (Dead Cow in Spanish), was found in Taltal, Atacama, Chile in 1861. Many masses have been found and some is still found in the area. The mesosiderites are meteorites comprised of several mixed meteorites caused by impacts in space. They are high metal but contain abundant olivine and even achondrite clasts. Vaca Muerta is known for it's Eucrite nodules. Vaca is quite nice and stable, not prone to rusting like some mesosiderites are. This meteorite is critical for any serious meteorite collector, and luckily due the abundance of material, it is the most inexpensive mesosiderite available.


Vaca Muerta 1: 33.11 gram partslice. $330.00

Vaca Muerta 2: 30.12 gram slice. $300.00

Vaca Muerta 3: 17.33 gram partslice. $173.00

Vaca Muerta 4: 29.15 gram endcut. $290.00

Vaca Muerta 5: 13.80 gram endcut. $138.00

Vaca Muerta 6: 9.32 gram partslice. $94.00