This beautiful iron was found in GoÝas, Brazil  in 1992.. It is classified as an Iron, (IAB) octahedrite. Many pieces have been found, with a total known weight of over 300 kilograms. Uruašu is a very beautiful meteorite, very stable despite find location in tropical Brazil. It is often full of Schreibersite inclusions. All of these slices are enclosed in a plastic display box filled with dessicant beads to prevent oxidation.

All of the black dots and grains visible in these photos are Schreibersite inclusions, especially abundant in these slices.


Uruašu 1: 65.92 gram slice. $200.00


Uruašu 2: 65.85 gram slice. $200.00

Uruašu 3: 61.15 gram slice. $185.00


Uruašu 4: 57.57 gram slice. $175.00


Uruašu 5: 55.47 gram slice. $167.00

Uruašu 6: 37.52 gram endcut. $115.00