The Udei Station meteorite fell in the springtime in 1927 in the Benue River area, Nigeria. A single piece was recovered although it is reported that another one fell. The total known weight is 102 kilograms. Udei Station is an Iron, medium octahedrite (IAB) with silicate inclusions. This is a very nice rare iron fall. Udei Station is becoming very difficult to acquire.



Udei 1: 64.11 gram partslice. $960.00

Udei 2: 55.12 gram partslice. $825.00

  Udei 3: 42.21 gram partslice. $633.00

  Udei 4: 58.67 gram partslice. $880.00

Udei 4: 16.22 gram partslice. $250.00