The Tatahouine meteorite fell on June 27, 1931 at 0130 am in Foum Tatahouine, Tunisia.  A fireball was seen to explode and thousands of small fragments showered down on the desert four kilometers from the village. Over 12 kilograms was immediately collected, and recently, several more kilos have been found. This is a beautiful meteorite, green in color with black veins. Tatahouine very rarely has fusion crust, and most pieces are one gram or less, so unlike most meteorites, the larger the piece is, the more rare and expensive.  


Tatahouine 1: 13.06 gram fragment. $390.00

  Tatahouine 2: 28.68 gram fragment. $860.00


 Tatahouine 3: 4.61 gram fragment. SOLD

Tatahouine 4: 3.60 gram fragment. SOLD

Tatahouine 5: 3.51 gram fragment. $88.00


Tatahouine 6: 16.37 gram fragment. $400.00