The Tamdakht is one of our newest meteorite falls. The meteorite fell on December 20, 2008 at ~11:37 pm in the Atlas mountains near Ouarzazate, Morocco. A massive fireball split the sky which was seen all over the country. A shower of stones fell on the foothills of the Atlas and the next day the inhabitants of the region, Berbers, began finding stones, including very large shattered masses. The strewnfield is very large, over 20 km long and it is very rocky mountainous terrain, so most stones were broken or damaged upon impact and many pieces still show embedded rock and soil in the meteorite surface attesting to the force of terrestrial impact.

The Tamdakht meteorite is a chondrite, H5.


Tamdakht 1: 127.1 gram fragment. $500.00

Tamdakht 2: 65.4 gram fragment. $261.00

Tamdakht 3: 59.8 gram fragment. $240.00

Tamdakht 4: 56.8 gram fragment. $228.00

Tamdakht 5: 36.76 gram fragment. $150.00

Tamdakht 6: 36.5 gram fragment. $150.00