Iron (IIB) Fell on Feb. 12, 1947 Eastern Siberia, Russia.

This is the largest recorded witnessed meteorite fall in history! At 10:38 A.M. a large fireball as bright as the Sun appeared traveling from North to South. A very famous Russian artist named Medvedev was sitting outside starting a sketching when the fireball appeared overhead. He immediately drew what he saw, which is now the same painting which is on the Russian postage stamp commemorating the event. The meteorite impacted in the mountains with a huge explosion which was felt over 100 miles away! It made over 100 craters of different sizes when the meteorite broke apart just before impact. This was a very important fall because scientists arrived days afterwards to study the fresh impact site. They found two different types of the meteorite! There were many thousands of pieces of torn, twisted, sharp edged pieces called Shrapnel, since they are like torn bomb fragments, and the incredibly beautiful regmaglypted individuals like the one here. This was a result of the low explosion which ripped the meteorite apart. Thousands of large trees were shredded and ripped apart by these shrapnel pieces. This meteorite would have been devastating had it hit a town.

These individuals are a great example of the pieces found at the site. They all have a blue-black fusion crust like the color of gun barrels! They are also all nicely regmaglypted! These are great pieces for any collection.

These pieces are ALL GRADE AAA. I selected each of them for their specific qualities. They are far superior to most Sikhote-Alin you see for sale elsewhere.  You can get it cheaper on ebay, but the quality will be far inferior to these selected pieces.

SA 1: 216 gram beautiful individual, no oxidation, just regmaglypts everywhere. This specimen is fit for any museum collection! $864.00  

SA1, reverse side view.

It measures 90 mm long  x 42 mm wide x 20 mm thick.

SA 2: 1,586 gram flight-oriented individual. This piece is one of the best I have ever owned, flow lines everywhere, rollover lip, and a nice patina which has been brushed off on most other Sikhote-Alin specimens. This piece is impossible to show in photographs, it must be seen in person to be appreciated.  $5000.00

     SA 2: close-up of some of the flow lines.

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Photo A              Photo B              Photo c

SA 3: 194 gram individual.  $775.00


SA 4: 160 gram individual.  $640.00

SA 5: 48.55 gram individual. $194.00

SA 6: 46.84 gram individual $187.00


SA 7: 45.72 gram individual. $182.00

    SA 8: 22.66 gram individual. $91.00


SA 9: 17.52 gram individual. $75.00











SA 10: 21.53 gram individual. SOLD