The Seymchan meteorite was found in Magadan District, Russia in 1967. A large mass of 272.3 kilos was found, and later a second mass weighing 50 kilograms was found. Recent expeditions to the area have produces many small pieces. This meteorite now classified as a rare ungrouped Pallasite. The new pieces are a mixture of some pieces being iron only, some with a few silicates, and some are very nice Pallasites. 

These pieces are perfectly stable, meaning that they will not rust like Brahin does, and are gorgeous. I particularly like the iron etch pattern.

This is the strangest Iron/Pallasite I have ever seen, similar in many ways to Glorieta Mountain.


Seymchan 1:  125.8 gram Slice. $1260.00


Seymchan 2: 26.67 gram etched partslice. $400.00

Seymchan 3: 116.9 gram slice. $1750.00

Seymchan 4: 91.7 gram partslice. $1375.00

Seymchan 5:   7.77 gram partslice. $117.00

Seymchan 6: 10.967 gram partslice. $165.00