H6, Fell in the town of Portales, New Mexico on 13 June, 1998 at 7:30 am.

A shower of over 50 meteorites fell in a strait line over 6 miles long. The strewnfield is like that of Johnstown in that it is opposite the normal pattern of falls. The largest pieces fell first and the smaller pieces landed at the far end of the strewnfield. This is thought to be due to last minute disruption (explosion) of the mass, forcing the larger pieces downward. Portales  Valley is unlike any other chondrite. It is a comprised of two types of masses, high metal pieces crisscrossed with large iron veins, and metal-poor pieces, with only stone matrix and no veins. I was the first meteorite dealer to arrive in Portales after the fall and I acquired over 220 individuals (around 17 kilos of material). ALL of it sold very quickly. These pieces listed here were recently acquired from the owners.


Portales Valley 2: 10.82 gram stone partslice. $217.00.

Portales Valley 3: 6.16 gram stone partslice. $124.00.