Stone, chondrite(H4) brecciated.
Fell on August 30, 1887 (13:00L). Perm, USSR.

The people in the village of Tabory were jolted by thundering explosions and a huge fireball appeared overhead. Many stones fell around the town totaling around 500 kilograms. The largest weighed 115 kilos. Ochansk is almost NEVER offered for sale. As it is a rare old fall, it is almost all in museum collections and little ever comes out. I have received a piece which came from a Russian museum. It was a large fragment and I have cut it up for sale. Every piece comes with a photocopy of the original Russian museum label. This is a real find and I am proud to offer such a rare fall.


This is an illustration of the fireball, note the error in the date, it says 1877, ten years BEFORE this meteorite fell.

  Ochansk 1: 26.54 gram partslice $400.00