NWA 980

This meteorite is one of the best LL chondrites I have EVER SEEN! This one was a single stone weighing 2000 grams, complete and very solid.  It was classified by UCLA as a very rare LL3.7, shock level 2, weathering level 3. This meteorite is unbelievable, the chondrules and in every color, and lots of fresh metal. There are many nice chondrules and clasts, including other LL clasts. This is a beautiful meteorite to own.         

Take a look at the top, center of this photo. Look at the inclusion of a clast of a different LL3 with no matrix, only chondrules! This clast is in a specimen that was already sold.

NWA 980, 1: 24.82 gram slice. $248.00

NWA 980, 2: 24.22 gram partslice $242.00

NWA 980, 3: 22.55 gram partslice. $225.00

NWA 980, 4: 15.35 gram partslice. $153.00

NWA 980, 5: 14.23 gram cut partslice. $143.00

    NWA 980, 6: 13.01 gram partslice. $130.00