NWA 753

Stone, Chondrite Rumurutiite, (R3.9).

This is a great new find from the Sahara. This meteorite was found in many fragments and small individuals, very fresh but sandblasted.  It is also one of the rarest meteorite types out there! There are only 19 Rumuruti type meteorites known, only 8 that are not from Antarctica. This is also the freshest one in existence besides the Rumuruti fall. That one only has 67 GRAMS Total Known Weight! This is the first time that collectors have had the chance to add this rare type to their collection. 

I can't stress enough just how rare this meteorite is. There are only a few museums in the world with an R Chondrite.


NWA 753 1: 7.94 gram endcut. $240.00

         NWA 753 2: 8.27 gram slice. $250.00

NWA 753 3: 6.73 gram slice. $200.00

          NWA 753 4: 5.585 gram endcut. $168.00


NWA 753 5: 30.70 gram endcut, brecciated piece. $1000.00

    NWA 753 6: 3.21 gram endcut. $100.00