NWA 5488

This meteorite is classified as a brecciated Lodranite. The Lodranites are among the rarest class of meteorites. They are primitive achondrites. Until recently, the Lodranite class was considered nearly impossible to acquire in private collections.  This meteorite was found in 2008 in Northwest Africa. A single stone weighing only 110 grams was found and bought by an American dealer. I purchased one third of the meteorite and these slices are all I have.

It is an amazing meteorite, nothing but angular crystals and nice metal flakes. The Lodranites are related to the Acapulcoites, having a nearly chondritic composition, but showing signs of re-crystallization via thermal metamorphism. The Lodranites are courser grained and almost certainly formed deeper and hotter on the parent body.


This classification is final, and the meteorite has recently been approved by the NOMCOM.


NWA 5488 1: 13.12 gram slice. $1300.00

NWA 5488 2: 11.30 gram slice. SOLD


NWA 5488 3: 3.833 gram slice. $383.00

NWA 5488 4: 0.957 gram partslice. $100.00

NWA 5488 5: 1.44 gram slice. $150.00

NWA 5488 6: 0.495 gram slice. $60.00