NWA 4664

Diogenite (Polymict-breccia)

This is one of the rarest and most beautiful Diogenites that I have ever seen. Many fragments totaling ~6 kilograms and without fusion crust were found in Algeria/Morocco in 2006.  It is a very hard meteorite, glassy, with large angular fragments of a light yellow-green color. Everyone who saw this meteorite when it first came out of Africa thought that it was a new Lunar meteorite. We were all surprised when it turned out to be an HED, but not disappointed. It is a must for ANY meteorite collection, since it is so unique and beautiful. ALL of these pieces are polished to a high finish and as you can see, all exhibit the beautiful matrix.

NWA 4664 1: 36.08 gram endcut. $900.00

NWA 4664 2: 29.479 gram endcut. $737.00

NWA 4664 3: 11.03 gram slice. $276.00

    NWA 4664 4: 12.486 gram slice. $312.00

NWA 4664 5: 10.230 gram slice. $256.00

      NWA 4664 6: 7.717 gram slice. $193.00