NWA 4025

NWA 4025

Carbonaceous Chondrite (CB-like). Bencubbinite.

A total of 69 fragments weighing 754.4 grams were purchased in August 2005 from a dealer in Erfoud, Morocco.

PETROGRAPHY: (A. Greshake, MNB). The meteorite is characterized by a high model metal abundance of about 60-80 vol%. The silicate portion contains abundant, large (up to several mm) and clearly defined chondrules of different textural types including cryptocrystalline, BO, PO, and POP chondrules.

Classification: The meteorite is a Bencubbin-like carbonaceous chondrite (CB) with its mineralogy and metal/silicate ratio pointing to a CB classification while O-isotopes suggest a close relation to CH chondrites; shock stage, S3; moderate degree of weathering.

This is an absolutely gorgeous Bencubbinite. One of the rarest classes of meteorites known. With so much metal, it is so strange that they are actually carbonaceous chondrites! These are the only specimens that I have of this meteorite.



NWA 4025 1: 4.851 gram endcut. $485.00

NWA 4025 2: 3.06 gram endcut. $306.00

NWA 4025 3: 5.51 gram endcut. $550.00

NWA 4025 4: 2.715 gram endcut. $275.00

NWA 4025 5: 1.638 gram endcut. $165.00

NWA 4025 6: 5.078 gram endcut. $507.00