NWA 4024

This meteorite is a very rare Winonaite. It was found in Western Sahara in 2005. Several individuals with a total known weight of around ~500 grams were purchased in Morocco in August of 2005. It is classified as a Primitive Achondrite (Winonaite).  These are the only pieces I could get of this beautiful meteorite. This one is strange due to the high amount of metal and gorgeous micro-etch.

NWA 4024

Purchased August 2005 in Erfoud, Morocco

Primitive achondrite (winonaite): History:  The meteorite was found by an anonymous finder in the Occidental Sahara and bought by the main mass holder in Erfoud, Morocco. Physical characteristics:  A single stone of 38.1 g was recovered. Petrography (A. Greshake, MNB). The meteorite exhibits an equilibrium texture of low-Ca pyroxene, Ca-pyroxene, olivine, plagioclase, Fe,Ni metal, and troilite with low-Ca pyroxene being the dominant silicate phase. Fe,Ni metal and trolite are dominant in several regions and no relict chondrules were found. Geochemistry: Mineral compositions as determined by EMP: olivine, Fa4.2; low-Ca pyroxene, Fs6.1; plagioclase, An11. Oxygen isotopes (I. A. Franchi and R. C. Greenwood, OU): mean of two replicates d17O = 3.01, d18O = 6.60, D17O = -0.42.

Classification Winonaite, low degree of shock. M



NWA 4024 1: 2.117 gram endcut. $212.00


NWA 4024 2: 10.98 gram endcut. $1000.00

NWA 4024 3: 6.032 gram endcut. $600.00


NWA 4024 4: 4.545 gram slice. $450.00

WA 4024 5: 3.927 gram endcut. $390.00


NWA 4024 6: 2.71 gram slice. $270.00