NWA 2634

Northwest Africa 2634, Purchased 2004. Achondrite (Ureilite). Purchased this meteorite in Morocco, and on the next trip a few months later, purchased another ~300 grams of fragments of the same meteorite from the same nomad. I submitted another piece for analysis and it was confirmed to be the same stone. So these pieces are from the fragments. The 600 gram stone was sold.

A 600.2 g complete stone with fusion crust was purchased in Erfoud, Morocco. Description and classification (T. Bunch and J. Wittke, NAU): mosaicized-type Ureilite; elongated olivine and pigeonite in preferred orientation; highly shocked with pyroxenes completely converted to mosaic texture, olivine less so; reduction level is R3. Olivine cores, Fa21.4, rims reduced to Fa3.8; pigeonite, Fs18.8Wo9.9; sub-calcic augite, Fs17 Wo16.6; vein metal, 0.3-3.7 wt. % Ni. Low weathering grade. Specimens: type specimen, 46 g, NAU; main mass, Farmer.

You can clearly see the large olivine crystals in the specimens below, it is difficult to photograph. This meteorite is also full of diamonds, so it is very hard to cut and polish.

NWA 2634: 1,   6.898 gram endcut. $276.00

NWA 2634: 2,   8.90 gram cut fragment. $356.00

NWA 2634: 3,   7.16 gram cut fragment. $286.00

NWA 2634: 4,   5.15 gram cut fragment. $206.00

NWA 2634: 5,    2.271 gram fragment with crust. $91.00

NWA 2634: 6,    5.291 gram endcut. $210.00