NWA 2083

This meteorite is classified as a carbonaceous chondrite, (CO3.). A single complete stone of only 144 grams was found in Morocco or Algeria in 2003. I bought the entire mass from the nomads there. This is a beautiful CO3, with nice chondrules, it is shock level 1, and weathering level 1. This is a completely different meteorite than NWA 2090. This one has tiny chondrules and was complete fusion crusted, while NWA 2090 had no fusion crust, and the chondrules are much larger than this one.


  NWA 2083 1: 4.63 gram slice. $93.00

    NWA 2083 2: 6.10 gram endcut. SOLD

NWA 2083 3: 6.88 gram slice. $138.00

     NWA 2083 4: 10.90 gram endcut. $218.00