NWA 1978

This meteorite is classified as a Polymict Eucrite. Below is the exact data as published in the Meteoritical Bulletin #88, July 2004.

Northwest Africa 1978, Purchased 2002 February 17, Rissani, Er Rachidia, Morocco. Achondrite (eucrite), A 617g stone was purchased by Mike Farmer from a Moroccan dealer. Classification (David A. Kring and Ken Domanik, LPL): The specimen is a polymict breccia composed of fine- and medium-grained basaltic clasts, isolated pyroxene crystals, and clasts of breccia within the breccia. The basalts contain high- and low-Ca pyroxene, plagioclase, sometimes silica, ilmenite, troilite, and rare metal. Low-Ca pyroxene: Wo5-2 En34-54 Fs61-34, FeO/MnO=31. Plagioclase: An81-94. The basaltic clasts exhibit fracturing and undulose extinction. Specimens : type specimen 20g and thin section, UA, main mass, Mike Farmer.

This is a very strange Eucrite since it resembles the Dar Al Gani Lunar meteorite almost exactly. We thought it was Lunar when we cut it, and after more than two years of study, it is finally classified.

NWA 1978 1: 7.58 gram partlice. SOLD

NWA 1978 2: 5.98 gram partslice. $150.00


NWA 1978 3: 5.80 gram partslice. SOLD








NWA 1978 4: 4.65 gram partslice. SOLD