NWA 1941

This meteorite is classified as a chondrite (L6) shock level 3, weathering level 1. It was found in Algeria or Morocco in 2003, and there were 18 stones with a total known weight of 16 kilograms. The largest stone weighed 8 kilograms, and these slices are all cut from that mass. This is a gorgeous meteorite, very fresh, tons of metal and small vesicles in a blue-grey matrix. These slices are all cut and polished to the best finish possible, suitable for any museum collection.


NWA 1941 1: 214.6 gram slice. $322.00
3mm by 150mm by 140mm


NWA 1941 2: 206.2 gram slice. $309.00
3mm by 195mm by 130mm

NWA 1941 3: 193.2 gram slice. $299.00
3mm by 195mm by 125mm

NWA 1941 4: 192.1 gram slice. $288.00
3mm by 163mm by145mm

NWA 1941 5: 181.7 gram slice. $272.00
3mm by 156mm by 140mm


NWA 1941 6: 79.5 gram slice. $119.00
2mm by 150mm by 80mm