NWA 1926

This rare meteorite was found in Northwest Africa in 2003. It was a single small stone that weighed only 36.8 grams. It is classified as a Ureilite and the following is directly from the classification data. " Fragmental breccia with clasts of a poikilitic ureilite embedded in typical ureilite material that consists of olivine with homogeneous cores and reduced rims and pyroxenes. Heavy concentration of carbonaceous matter, unoxidized metal. This ureilite contains very little carbonaceous matter in contrast to the host ureilite. Shock level S2, low weathering.

This is one rare little meteorite.

NWA 1926 1: 4.93 gram slice. $493.00

NWA 1926 2: 2.83 gram slice. $283.00

NWA 1926 3: 4.00 gram gram. SOLD

NWA 1926 3, backside showing fusion crust.