NWA 1925

NWA 1925, Gabbroic Cumulate Eucrite

This is one of the rarest Eucrites to ever be found. It is unlike any other known Eucrite, cooled at very slow rate and very deep. This meteorite is essential for any achondrite collection, but there is only a tiny bit available. I have copied the data submitted to the Nomenclature committee as written, it is so complicated. The scientists who worked on this piece were very excited about it, and considered it to be one of the best meteorites that I have ever recovered from Africa!

Northwest Africa 1925
Found 2001

A single, 86 g complete stone was purchased in Tagounite, April 2002. Classification and mineralogy (T. Bunch and J. Wittke, NAU): gabbroic, cumulate eucrite; tabular crystals of plagioclase (<4 mm in longest dimension) poikilitically enclosed by large pyroxenes (up to 8 mm). Plagioclase is An91 with melt inclusions of a silica polymorph, Mg-augite, and ilmenite. Complex pyroxenes consist of inverted pigeonite (Fs52.5Wo4.2) with broad (5-8 micron) augite exsolution lamellae (Fs25Wo41) parallel to (100) of the host opx and blebs of augite that exsolved prior to or during pigeonite inversion. In addition, relic patches of pigeonite contain fine augite lamellae parallel to (001). Chromite, Cr/Cr+Al = 63-73, pyrrhotite, and tiny inclusions in opx of Ni-poor metal (Ni = 0.48 wt%; Co = 2.28 %) are also present. No ilmenite or silica was found outside of melt inclusions. Shock level 2/3; weathering grade, W1. Specimens: 17.2 g, NAU; main mass, Farmer.

Yes, it really does look like granite!

NWA 1925, 1: 9.82 gram slice.  SOLD


NWA 1925 2: 4.02 gram partslice.  SOLD

NWA 1925, 3: 2.31 gram partslice.  SOLD

NWA 1925, 4: 1.62 gram partslice. SOLD

NWA 1925, 5: .60 gram partslice. SOLD