NWA 1912

NWA 1912, Mesosiderite (MES) type 2B.

A very small 13.52 g stone was purchased in Erfoud, Morocco, in March of 2003. Analysis and classification was completed at Northern Arizona University. This mesosiderite exhibits only minor recrystallization and has a matrix composed predominantly of orthopyroxene, features which are consistent with subgroup 2B. In contrast to NWA 1912, other 2B mesosiderites contain melt-rock textures and were historically reclassified into the igneous subgroup 4B. NWA 1912 is an unshocked meteorite (S1) which shows only minor signs of weathering. I would like to thank David Weir for his assistance in writing the description for this very rare and strange mesosiderite.

What you see below is ALL that is available of this rare fresh little meteorite. Very important for you type collectors.


NWA 1912 1: 4.05 gram endcut and main mass, this is the largest surviving piece of this meteorite. SOLD

NWA 1912 1 backside:

Note the very fresh fusion crust.

NWA 1912 2: .1.64 gram partslice. $164.00

NWA 1912 3: 1.31 gram partslice. SOLD

NWA 1912 4: .78 gram partslice. $78.00