NWA 1910

Stone, Enstatite chondrite, (EL6). This is a great new meteorite. This meteorite was found in 2003. It is a very rare Enstatite chondrite. It has 25.6% recrystalized enstatite and metal, and no relic chondrules. This beautiful meteorite only weighed 305 grams. It is very fresh on the inside, weathering level W0/1, shock level 1. As you can see from the photos, some pieces have large metal veins and some metal nodules.  This is a beautiful stone, suitable for any museum or private collection.


These are the last three pieces of this rare meteorite that I have left.

NWA 1910 1: 21.36 gram slice. $1000.00

NWA 1910 2: 23.78 gram slice. $1100.00


NWA 1910 3: 3.934 gram partslice. $200.00


NWA 1910 4: 8.00 gram slice. SOLD