The Muonionalusta meteorite, Iron (IVA) fine octahedrite, was found in 1906 near Kiruna, Sweden. Several masses have been found over the last century, scattered throughout glacial sediments. This is a significant meteorite shower. The total known weight is now over 5000 kilograms. I have mounted several meteorite hunting expeditions in Sweden and myself have found over 200 kilograms of this meteorite. It has a very nice etch, but can rust, so all of these slices are enclosed in plastic display boxes filled with desiccant beads to prevent oxidation.




Muonionalusta 1: 30.92 gram slice. $93.00

Muonionalusta 2: 31.81 gram slice. $95.00


Muonionalusta 3: 31.06 gram slice. $93.00

Muonionalusta 4: 37.64 gram slice. $113.00

Muonionalusta 5: 53.45 gram partslice. $160.00

Muonionalusta 6: 28.54 gram slice. $86.00