Moss (CO3.6)

This meteorite fell on July 14th, 2006 at ~10:15 am in the Ostfold region of Norway. Pieces were scattered from the village of Rygge to the center of Moss in a ~6 kilometer line. The fall was witnessed by thousands of people, who described it as brighter than the sun, and many said they saw at least five pieces falling. One piece landed in a garden after breaking the limb of a plumb tree off. Another piece landed on a metal plate near a man who was using an outdoor toilet. This was the first piece recovered. A third piece imbedded itself in the roof of a building in Moss and was found only after more than two weeks when rain water leaking into the building forced a search for the leak. A fourth piece weighing ~800 grams was found by Morten Bilet and myself on 30 July. The last know piece was found after breaking a fence and details of that one are not being shared, even the total weight of that piece is not known.

  All of the pieces for sale here are from the stone that Morten and I found.

This photo shows some of my pieces. They were recovered two weeks after the fall. Morten Billet and myself found the stone one evening, in a factory. The stone had hit the parking lot and shattered, showering fragments over a large area. We recovered over 800 grams of fragments from this stone. It is listed as stone #4.

You can read the official Meteoritical bulletin entry for Moss by clicking here:      MOSS CLASSIFICATION

Here you can see a very nice specimen with beautiful fusion crust.

This photo shows a specimen that has been polished to show the metal-rich interior of the Moss meteorite.


This is a very nice 43.40 gram fragment that I found myself.

Note the rich, thick black fusion crust.

This is the point of impact for the ~800 gram Moss meteorite. This pile of dust and fragments totaled over 80 grams of material. We found fragments of this meteorite scattered over a large area, with the furthest fragments laying over 20 meters from the impact site. The stone hit the hard cement and just exploded.

Moss 1: 4.526 gram fragment. $900.00


Moss 2: 1.757 gram fragment. $350.00

Moss 3: 7.72 gram fragment. $1400.00


 Moss 4: 1.447 gram fragment. $290.00

Moss 5: 0.375 gram fragment. $90.00

   Moss 6: 0.67 gram fragment with crust. $160.00