The Mocs meteorite fell on February 3rd, 1882 at 16:00 hours in the afternoon in Cluj, Transylvania. Around 300 kilograms of stones fell in this shower, the largest of 56 kilos! The Mocs meteorite is a chondrite (L6) veined.

Although many stones fell, Mocs is exceedingly difficult to acquire, as almost every stone is in Museum and University collections around the world.

I recently completed a large exchange of meteorite with the US National Museum (Smithsonian) and all of these pieces are either from #1717 or #467. There were two batches of stones under those numbers, and I got some of each.  Each piece is numbered on the stone, and includes a copy of the exchange agreement, which proves provenance. There was no label with these stones.


Mocs 1: 34.54 gram individual. #1717  $1500.00

Mocs 2: 26.26 gram individual #467  SOLD

Mocs 3: 21.49 gram individual. #467  SOLD

Mocs 4: 24.27 gram individual. #1717  SOLD

Mocs 5: 16.64 gram individual. #467  SOLD

Mocs 6: 15.10 gram individual. #1717  SOLD