The Millbillillie meteorite fell during the month of October 1960 in the Wiluna District of Western Australia. People saw a huge fireball descend out in the desert but the meteorite was not discovered until ten years later. Many hundreds of stones were found, with a total known weight of several hundred kilos. Millbillillie is one of the most beautiful Eucrites, some pieces are brecciated, some are not. The fusion crust on most pieces is stained red by the clay soil in the region.



Millbillillie 1: 469.1 gram individual. $9000.00

This is a spectacular piece, covered in flow lines and regmaglypts.

  Millbillillie  1, backside.

  Millbillillie  1

This specimen is fit for any museum collection, it has very little of the red clay, and exhibits almost everything a meteorite should, from thumbprints, to flow lines to perfect glossy black fusion crust.


Millbillillie  2: 42.95 gram individual. $850.00

Millbillillie  3: 12.81 gram slice with wonderful clast. $256.00

  Millbillillie  4: 14.63 gram individual. $293.00

Millbillillie  5: 10.13 gram slice with large clast.  $207.00

Millbillillie  6: 10.97 gram individual. $220.00