Libyan Desert Glass


                                 Libyan Desert glass is a tektite found only in a small area of a few hundred square kilometers in Egypt, near the border of Libya. It has been known since ancient times, with even carved pieces of the glass found in tombs including that of King Tut! Scientists have always debated the origin of the tektites, but only in the last decade has it been finally proven to be an impact glass. No crater has been identified, but it likely lies buried under the deep Sahara sands.

Some pieces of the Libyan Desert Glass have veins or streaks of black material, and this has been proven to be remnants of the meteorite which created the glass. It has been studied and shows a very high Iridium and Germanium concentration. The black pieces are very rare, and usually are one per few hundred pieces, and they are scientifically very interesting.

The area where the tektites are found is very far from any road, and expeditions to the location are very difficult and expensive. For that reason, little of the glass has come out (a few tons perhaps) and it tends to be quite expensive. I have recently purchased a few hundred pounds of material, and most was sent to China for jewelry production. I have kept back the best pieces for sale to collectors or institutions, especially all pieces with the black meteorite components.

                       Click below to read a PDF file about the finding of meteoritic components in Libyan Desert Glass:


All of the pieces for sale here are among the best quality possible, hand selected by myself, for their clarity, shape, and scientific importance. All specimens have two photos, one backlit by the sun, the second just in sunlight.


LDG 1: 150.8 grams. $600.00

LDG 1    80 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm. Very clear, nice shape, top quality specimen.

LDG 2: 96.03 grams. $384.00

LDG 2  71 mm x 41 mm x 36 mm. Very nice deep yellow-green color.

LDG 3: 359 grams. $1000.00

LDG 3  110 mm x 70 mm x 50 mm. Nice light green color, ougher surface so not as clear but inside seems to be flawless, would be great for faceting.

LDG 4: 144 grams. $550.00

LDG 4  95 mm x 50 mm x 40 mm. Very clear, nice shape, gorgeous deep yellow to green color.

LDG 5: 142 grams. $350.00

LDG 5  85 mm x 40 mm x 50 mm. Dull yellow, slightly opaque, nice shape, very nice display specimen.

LDG 6: 176.7 grams. $500.00

LDG 6  70 mm x 60 mm x 35 mm.

LDG 7: 57.67 grams. $230.00

LDG 6  65 mm x 40 mm x 20 mm.

LDG 8: 104 grams. $325.00

Contains rare Crystobalite inclusions.

LDG 8  57 mm x 50 mm x 40 mm. Very nice shape and color


LDG 9: 19.30 grams. SOLD

LDG 9  50 mm x 22 mm x 20 mm.