The Kunashak meteorite fell on June 11, 1949 at 8:14 am in Chelyabinsk Province, Russia. A shower of 20 stones fell, with a total known weight of 200 kilograms. This meteorite is a beautiful shocked L6 chondrite. Most  of the fall is in the Moscow Academy of Sciences, where these pieces are all from. One stone even smashed through a house rooftop.

I acquired a 3 kilogram endcut and these pieces are all cut from that specimen. This is a great fall, and due to competition, the price is very cheap!

Kunashak 1: 32.94 gram partslice. $495.00

Kunashak 2: 26.02 gram partslice. $390.00

Kunashak 3: 25.13 gram partslice. $377.00

Kunashak 4: 7.80 gram partslice. $150.00 PHOTO 2

Kunashak 5: 7.72 gram partslice. SOLD

Kunashak 6: 10.27 gram partslice. SOLD