Stone, chondrite (H5) Fell on February 15 1997 (23:30L). Shandong Province, China. The people on the outskirts of the city of Heze (along the Yangtze River) were awakened by brilliant fireball and loud explosions that evening. This fabulous light and sound show heralded the arrival of one of the newest visitors from space, over 1000 stones fell into the small villages and rice paddies. The people quickly began to recover these beautiful stones as an omen from the sky foretelling the death of their leader (which did indeed happen later!). The Chinese people are very superstitious so very few of these incredible stones have come out of China! The total known weight is less than 100 kilos but we will never have an exact number since many people kept them as mementos of the incredible arrival!

I have several small 98 to 100% incredible black crusted individuals! These are the BEST of the BEST that are available! I bought ALL of the best ones available and will keep over half in my own collection to use for trading later! You will NOT find these small individuals anywhere else except in broken fragments or rusted individuals (they fell into wet flooded rice paddies and those that were not recovered in days now show an ugly coating of whitish red rust). 

Juancheng 1: 252.4 gram individual. $2500.00

Juancheng 2: 121.2 gram individual. $1200.00

Juancheng 3: 48.70 gram individual. $487.00

Juancheng 4: 18.77 gram individual. $188.00

    Juancheng 5: 20.93 gram individual. $209.00

Juancheng 6: 15.07 gram individual. $150.00