The Holbrook meteorite fell on July 19, 1912 at 19:15 hrs outside of Holbrook Arizona. A massive fireball was seen passing over Flagstaff and Winslow heading from west to east, and it exploded directly over the town of Holbrook. The meteorite impacted a few miles away at the Aztec train depot. Tens of thousands of stones fell, 90% of them weighing less than 10 grams! Nearly the entire population of the town of Holbrook went out to the fall site and collected stones. The total known weight of the Holbrook meteorite is more than 218 kilograms. I have searched the Holbrook strewn field many times, and only found one stone, weighing all of two grams! The meteorite is classified as a chondrite, (L6).

The stones for sale here are from the Geological Survey of Canada Meteorite Collection in Ottawa. They were traded to Bob Haag many years ago. They are most likely FOOTE stones (Foote was a large mineral dealer at the time of the fall in 1912 and he traveled to Holbrook and bought most of the stone, selling or trading them to museums all over the world). These stones are all fresh, and in great condition.


Holbrook 1: 1.450 gram individual. $75.00

       Holbrook 2: 0.970 gram individual $50.00

Holbrook 3: 1.530 gram individual. $76.00

    Holbrook 4: 1.348 gram individual. $67.00

Holbrook 5: 1.270 gram individual. $64.00

      Holbrook 6: 0.975 gram individual. $50.00