Hammada al Hamra 237

Hammadah al Hamra 237 was found in Libya on  October 18 1997.

Carbonaceous chondrite (CBb3) or Bencubbinite.

This meteorite has a high metal content of ~57 vol%. Other constituents are chondrules and silicate fragments. One CAI has been observed. Classification and analysis (J. Zipfel, MPI): Bulk composition: 69.6 wt% Fe, 2.48 ppm Ir, 0.14 ppm Au, 4.42 wt% Mg, 4.67 ppm Sc; for further details on grouping this meteorite with CH chondrites, see Zipfel et al. (1998a). Weisberg et al. (1998) group this meteorite with Bencubbin.

HaH 237 is one of the rarest and most beautiful of the Bencubbinites. It was a single complete piece weighing 3.17 kilograms. Virtually all of the meteorite has been exchanged with museums and sold to collectors. I know the owner of the main mass, and he is not going to cut any more of the meteorite. This means that the price will rise, and there will be little material available in the future.

Click the link below to read a PDF file that describes the suspected formation of the CB and CH meteorites in a solar nebula.



HaH 237 1: 1.4224 gram partslice. SOLD

HaH 237 2: 1.0496 gram partslice. SOLD

HaH 237 3: 2.4570 gram partslice. SOLD

HaH 237 4: 0.3504 gram partslice. SOLD

HaH 237 5: 0.3496 gram partslice. SOLD