Gujba. This meteorite fell on April 3rd, 1984 in Yobe, Nigeria. A large conical stone was seen to fall and was smashed up by the villagers. Only about 5 kilos has been recovered. Gujba is classified as a Bencubbinite. This is a type of chondrite, related to the carbonaceous chondrites, but with chondrules of metal! Very little is known about them and Gujba is the first witnessed fall from this rare class of meteorites. This is without a doubt the strangest meteorite I have ever seen. This is the last piece of this meteorite that I have.


Gujba, 1 14.60 gram slice. SOLD

This slice measures 40 mm by 38 mm by2 mm. The colorful silicates and wonderful metallic chondrules in this specimen provide an incredible feast for the eyes.

Gujba, 2 7.87 gram slice. $787.00

Gujba 3: 3.267 gram partslice. $327.00

Gujba4: 0.662 gram partslice. $75.00